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Mobile Phone has become your evermore companion. Without cell phones, we feel incomplete though. But carrying a mobile phone without the best popsocket car mounts gets inconvenient for a safe drive.

Most cars and even good vehicle manufacturers do not offer a built-in mobile phone popsocket. So holding a phone without a safekeeping tool may result in an accident.

Thus, you should have A good mobile phone socket in your car. There are tons of popsocket car mount but remember not all of the car popsockets are accredited equal.

Some average quality and underrated material not only mess up your phone but are also annoying while driving. Therefore, it is essential to have sound knowledge before buying a car phone holder.

Amid such a topsy-turvy competition, it is good to know about the best popsocket car phone holders. We take an honorary responsibility to guide you on getting trusted popsockets for phones.

Now we discuss some outstandingly best car phone holders in the world with high sales and safety.

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Best Popsocket Car Mounts

Aukey Car Phone Mount 360

Best Popsocket Car Mounts in 2022- Reviews & Buyers Guide - MountAs (1)

This is a magnetic car mount phone holder that stands out as one of the exciting options for dashboard mobile holder mount.

The designers of this phone holder designed it keeping in view the rotating feature of the mobile phone. More often a driver wants a horizontal view of the phone, thus Aukey Car Phone Mount 360 has a convenient rotation option.

Aukey also lies under the car phone holder compatible with popsocket with its attaching clips. Though when needed, the user can rotate the phone upside down or edgy position.

What makes it more aesthetic is its elegant design. Fascination thrills out the overall interior of the dashboard.

As a matter of price, this dashboard mount is not pricy as compared to other magnetic mounts. At Amazon, its price is $15.99.


  • Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder
  • Compatibly Air Vent Mount Phone Holder on all air vent vehicles.
  • Can be fitted both on horizontal or vertical vents
  • Adjustable rotating ball offers a wide-angle view.
  • Convenient to remove instantly through the release button.
  • Softer inner padding grip to keep your phone free from scratches.
  • Easy to install in all vents.


  • Can block the air vent
  • May be inconvenient to view from all angles
  • Magnetic plate consideration for charging option.


Brand Flag: Aukey

Official Model: HD-C55

Weight: Almost 3.98 oz

Dimension: Both Vertical and Horizontal

Length: 8.5inches

Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount

From the perspective of magnetic Aukey Car Mount 360°, there is also a car air vent mount by Beam Electronics. In other words, it is an air vent mount as a counterpart of the magnetic mount.

With soft arms on either side, it offers a safe holding of the phone. No matter how imbalanced the road is, you do not worry to set the position of the phone jump after jump. However, the quality of the spring may wear out in case of mishandling and careless way.

With quick ease to remove it instantly, Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount has also an option to rotate the phone circularly. Good bracket grip comes out of the flexible springs.

It secures the position to be affordable at just $9.97 from Amazon. Its universality comes forth due to its freedom to hold almost all smartphones.

Key Features Cum Pros:

  • Safe grip thanks to edgy arms
  • A wide view thanks to rotatable pivot
  • Spring Supported Car Air Vent
  • 360 rotation with unshaken support.
  • Quick-release button to place on other vehicles.
  • Better Bracket Grip from Either Side.
  • Easy to hold all smartphones.


  • The grip may lose over time.
  • Blockage of air vent somewhat
  • Brackets can spoil the phone siding


Brand Flag: Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone holder

Official Model: Beam Electronics

Weight: 4oz

Dimension: 180 angle Rotatable from one side

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iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount

Another fabulous option for dashboard car phone mount is here with the iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car mount. The conventional name indicates its ease of removal instantly.

Thanks to its suction base you can place it not only on the dashboard or windshield, but also it gives freedom to put your phone onto the office desk or study table.

Enlisted among the reliable popsocket car mount, this car mount has easy installation and removability. A texture gel at the bottom corners of the suction pedestal helps it get placed on a wall or even on marble.

When it comes to seeing a phone from the passenger or rear side, its 8.25inch long pivot enables it to see the phone from any angle.

That’s it whether your phone is with LCD Capacitive or AMOLED, this phone car mount gives a perfect view at any angle. In terms of price, affordability is one of its tremendous traits. It gets sold on Amazon at a low price of $16.95.

Key Features Cum Pros:

  • Suction Grip to Place on Multi Surfaces
  • Rotatable around 225 angles.
  • Built-in Qi-charging cable
  • Easy to Remove and place on windshield and dashboard
  • Pivot to remove the button instantly.


  • Suction Grip loses after several removal and adjustment
  • Limited Rotating Option—Not 360 full extended Rotation
  • Can leave a mark on the place of installation.


Brand Flag: iOttie

Official Model: Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount

Weight: 5.5oz

Length: 8.3 inches

iOttie iTap Magnetic 2 Dash & Windshield Mount

Best Popsocket Car Mounts in 2022- Reviews & Buyers Guide - MountAs (2)

In the true essence of style and stability, iOttie crafted another splendid model of magnetic dashboard car mount phone holder.

One of the many exciting features of this car mount holder is that it is fantastic to install on all surfaces. However, the official purpose of this holder is to install it on the dashboard and windscreen.

By dint of its gripping suction base, you don’t need to worry about extra tools for its installation. All you need to do is just purchase and install. It holds a classy position among the bestselling car phone holder compatible with popsockets.

Because it has a clumpy magnetic base in place of a standard base and backside, thus you will have to keep a protective sticker or metal plate behind your phone.

One of the good reasons to buy this car phone holder is its supportive modules for both landscapes and portraits. Thus whether you are exploring your way on navigation or viewing your favorite movie.

Though the wide angle offers an amazing view so people prefer it to buy for navigation exploration. Just because of the basic function of placing both on the dashboard and windshield, it shapes the phone with such an outstanding look that holds sway on the onlookers.

With the car mount phone holder of iOttie iTap Magnetic 2 Dashboard & Windshield Mount, the interior of your car doesn’t only look gorgeous from the inside but also casts an impressive glimpse from the outside.

Key Features Cum Pros.:

  • Magnetic Base and Back to Fit Phone grip
  • Supportive Suction Base for easy installation on windshield and dashboard.
  • Just Buy and Place feature.
  • Rotation modes for Horizontal and Vertical View
  • Big Angle View from all sides round
  • Amazing for Long Journey Navigation Usage


  • Extra Metallic Sticker or Plate has to be placed for scratches preventions
  • Maintenance of Metal plate to avoid charging problems
  • Can pull out paint on loose-painted surfaces.
  • Can leave a stain on the surface of the installation


Brand Flag: iOttie

Official Model: Eas iOttie iTap Magnetic 2 Dash & Windshield Mounty One Touch 2 Car Mount

Weight: 6oz

Miracase Car Phone Mount

Let’s take into account the fabulous addition of the car vent phone mount. Yes! The Miracse car phone mount is an outclass model for air vent attachment.

It’s elegantly equipped with locking clips that fit into the car air vent slots to give the phone a fixed gripping position.

The boundary spring-loaded supporting arms hold the mobile phone in a gripped place. So, whether you are making your way through topsy-turvy paths, your phone will show you a clearer display.

Therefore, most adventurers like this car phone mount due to its position holding ability. Even if you want a view on widescreen for instance portrait mode or landscape mode, you can tilt and rotate your phone with its built-in rotating gears.

Miracase popsocket car vent mount has a simple clean surface with glowing edges. The glistening corners also give a prettier look to your dashboard. For its technical features, the company has made a good breakthrough with its wider adaptability by the adventurers.

Although the price may sound a bit higher, nevertheless $23.99 is not much costly against its high-quality plastic material.

Key Features Cum Pros.:

  • Spring-loaded Car Phone Mount for air conditioning vents
  • Tighter Grip thanks to the locking bar clips
  • 360 Rotation View for Landscape and Portrait Angles
  • Sturdier Material with Elegant Design
  • Glowing Corners Beautifies your car interior.
  • Tilt Angled Position for side view


  • Can be over gripped due to clips.
  • A bit costly for some users.
  • Inconvenient to Detach and Reinstall


Brand Flag: Miracase

Official Model: Miracase Car Phone Mount

Weight: 2.5oz

Price: $23.99

Scosche Magic-Mount Dash

This car phone mount is of a different class. It has marvelous versatility of installation. The word magic-mount defines best by its multi-uses. For example, the Scosche Magic-Mount Dash can get placed on various interior parts.

You can put it on the dashboard, windshield, gear board, and even on the window of your car. It uses an automotive-adhesive grade gel to get attached to the aforesaid surfaces.

Regardless, of whether you are driving a small SUV or limousine, the Scosche Magic-Mount Dash is something that fits all smartphones for all vehicles. You don’t get to be looking for additional tools to install it.

It simply pulls and places the car mount holder. This car phone mount is not only for the driver but also a good fit for passengers. What makes it even more popular is that you can remove it to fix it at the place of your desire.

Anyhow, this can weaken its gripping and suction power. Despite all of the factors, the price is commendable.

You can buy this phone mount from Amazon for just $19.99. But when we talk about its appearance, it is not much stylish and only gives a simple look for a car mobile phone holder.

Key Features Cum Pros.:

  • Multi corner installation thanks to suction base.
  • Magnetic Back support for holding the phone firmly.
  • Circular Rotation for horizontal and vertical angle views.
  • Plastic and silicon laminated finishing to give the phone a safe holdup.
  • Automotive-adhesive grade to adhere base at right place.
  • Good quality car phone mounts at an average price.
  • Best Choice for both drivers and passengers.


  • Not Much Appealing in Style
  • Medium Height
  • Can lose grip after some time.


Brand Flag: Scosche

Official Model: Scosche Magic-Mount Dash

Weight: 3oz

Price: $19.99

Kenu Airframe Qi Wireless Charging Car Vent Mount

With the utmost stylish design, this is the best popsocket car vent mount in the range of air vent series. It fosters an astonishing feature to charge your phone as faster as up to 10W through the advanced Qi Charging technology.

A built-in wireless charging pad enables it to charge the mobile phone as speedier as possible. One of the incomparable features of the Kenu Airframe Qi Wireless Charging Car Vent Mount is that it protects your phone from overheating.

Its tech-based system steers it to detect any external object detection. For example, if it turns off the charging if the surrounding temperature is hotter, it will stop charging to avoid the phone heat-up problem while getting on the charging port.

It is also equipped with a 4-feet data cable otherwise known as the USB cable that can also charge your phone from outside the driving seat.

The USB cable is capable of charging your phone with 12V DC power. Apart from this, you can also share the extra port for charging with your friend or rear seat-sitting passengers. This comes as the best-rated car phone holder in the list of car phone mounts.

Key Features Cum Pros.:

  • Fast Charging with Qi Wireless Pad
  • Built-in feature to automatically remove in case of overheating.
  • 4-Feet USB cable to charge a phone for back seaters.
  • Greatly Compatible with 12V DC power.
  • One of the Best Available Car vent mounts for mobile phones.
  • Splendor To Match your car interior.
  • Extra Ability to Charge your phone at Faster Speed.


  • It May sound expensive for some buyers
  • A bit heavier than other mounts
  • It May not be compatible with other phones


Brand Flag: Kenu Airframe

Official Model: Kenu Airframe Qi Wireless Charging Car Vent Mount

Weight: 3.5oz

Price: $49.95

TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount

Let’s move forward a pace ahead in terms of tech and low price. It is affordable with an advanced feature of adjustment. Under the official name Topgo Cup Holder Phone Mount Universal Adjustable Gooseneck along with the Cup Holder and Cardle Car Mount for Cell Phone.

This multi-purpose and multi-surface care phone mount can keep your phone straighter at the position you fixed. It is a car mount that comes at a reasonable price.

With a standard adjustable base, it can fit onto the snugged surface of the dashboard and windshield. You can also fix it on the gear-board surface for your convenience.

You can easily adjust the phone’s viewing angle with its gooseneck arm as per your need. The fulcrum of the gooseneck is crafted with moveable material.

Among the popsocket car mount review, this phone popsocket mount stands in the bestselling list. You can also move the direction of the phone display according to your needs.

That’s how it turns your drive more relaxing. The Topgo Cup Holder Phone Mount is fitting for the phones of size 3.56 inches widescreen display.

Nonetheless, the phones with battery cases wider than 0.5 thicker are not good to go with the Topgo Cup Holder Phone Mount.

Key Features Cum Pros.:

  • Fixable at any position on Dashboard or Gear-board surface.
  • Movable Gooseneck for adjusting to the desired position.
  • Rotatable round the 180angle from both sides
  • Fit all Smartphones with a display 3.5inches wide.
  • Reasonable price with a quality product.


  • Gooseneck can flatten with forced handling
  • The Center cup console gets weak with the strength.
  • Not Suitable for smartphones more than 3.56inch wide


Brand Flag: Topgo

Official Model: Topgo Cup Holder Phone Mount

Weight: 4oz

Price: $27.99

Width To Hold Mobile Phone: 3.56 inches

Bestrix Magnetic Phone Holder For Car Air Vent

Out of many other magnetic phone holders, the Bestrix Magnetic Phone Holder outperforms in the competition of sleekness, elegance, and design. If you are style-conscious and a lover of digital beauty, this phone holder is made for you.

When you decide to move out on a long journey for a pleasurable trip, this car phone mount can relieve your stress in holding your phone with care.

The formation of this phone holder is pure of the metallic frame. Its finishing has an outstanding lush modern beauty touch.

In contrast with the plastic car phone holders, this metal phone holder gives a durable companionship. This is a metal frame phone mount that gets it with low breakage chances.

The majority of smartphones bear a loss of damages due to the breakage of the phone holder. Neutral reviewers like us bring this popsocket phone among the best popsocket car mounts phone holders.

This versatile magnetic phone holder is not only fit for mobile phones but you can also enjoy a fun trip holding your tab or big phone on it.

Especially, it is a good choice for tablets, thus it upholds the gadget with a stronger and safer grip. Due to its formation purely from metal, it can easily bear the weight of a full-sized tablet.

Bestrix Magnetic Phone Holder For Car Air Vent offers movability across both views. You can rotate your phone or tablet both at landscape and portrait positions due to the bottom rotating gear. You can fix it with car air vent slots. It equally fits for installation both on vertical and horizontal slots.

Key Features Cum Pros.:

  • Air Vent Mounted Phone Holder For All Vehicles
  • Compatible For Majority of the smartphones
  • Even hold the mini tablets and other viewing gadgets such as iPad
  • The phone stays in position thanks to the strong magnetic grip
  • You can view the phone both in portrait and landscape positions
  • Sturdier and Durable Due to Metal Body
  • Sleek and Elegant with Outclass UD Paint
  • 360 rotation view


  • Metal Plate may interfere while charging the phone
  • May shaky with heavier phones
  • Not Much Adhesive on metal surfaces


Brand Flag: Bestrix

Official Model: Bestrix 4335022212

Weight: 2.88oz

Price: $21.95

Humixx Dashboard Cellphone Car Mount Holder

Humixx Dashboard Cellphone Car Mount Holder is another value to your phone. It is made of a perfect compact magnet to hold your phone in a more precise position.

It’s the masterpiece from the Hummixx series. Not only on the car but you can also attach the phone on any flat surface.

So regardless of your position, you can use this car phone mount everywhere around the office or home. With its adhesive strong base, you can also place it on a stone edge to record your awesome account of memory.

The silicone surface adds meaning to the life of your phone. It validates the position with its strong magnet. 360 rotation is another plus point of its exciting features.

The phone remains mounted strongly adhered to the magnet instead of cradle arms. This Humixx phone holder is universally compatible with every modern smartphone. The magnetic pad is not tough on removal while it keeps your phone stable in a fixed position.

Key Features Cum Pros.:

  • Compact and Stylish Design with Discrete Architecture
  • Multi-surface attachment thanks to the adhesive base.
  • You can use it outside the car on any physically hard surface
  • Virtually Suitable For All Latest Mobile Phone
  • 360 rotation fills your need to have an optimum view
  • Easy Installation and Instant Removal


  • Unable to stick to the textured surfaces
  • Doesn’t hold heavier phones
  • Heat and Direct Sunlight can weaken its grip


Brand Flag: Humixx

Official Model: 432688569

Weight: 2.4 oz

Price: $17.99

What is the best car phone mount with popsocket?

This matter turns very difficult to answer because of the endless versatility of mobile phone popsocket for cars. Yet after a great effort in marketing search, we could bring you the best available car phone mount and popsocket. While jumping to the descriptive list of the popsockets, take a brief look at the types of car phone mounts.

Types of Mobile Phone Car Mount

The responsibility to educate you about standard mobile popsocket drops down into our basket. That’s why we cater to you the authentic information on the best mobile phone mount holders. But before we jump to the best in list mobile phone holders, let’s take a brief picture of the types of cell phone mount popsockets and their respective physical features.

Vent Attachment Mobile Popsocket

This is a very common popsocket that annexes with the air conditioner vent of the vehicle.

It has become one of the most commonly used popsocket car vent mount. Although the vent should be vertical for proper installation. This mount would not work in circular vent slots.

Dashboard, Windscreen Mount

Unlike Vent Attachment, Dashboard or Windscreen mount popsockets are more stylish and sophisticated in look. Placing a handset in such holders makes the phone posture gorgeous in a way. Especially dashboard best car phone mount with popsocket casts an elegant placement to your phone. Besides a phone remains more vigilance for a safe drive.

Classification of Phone Holders

Just like all phones are of various sizes and standards so are the car phone holders. Car phone holders are normally of two classes.

Spring and Magnetic Mount Holder

Car phone holders get supported with either spring or magnetic columns otherwise commonly known as arms. Spring gives an extensive feature to rotate the phone by 360°. The technical advantage of this mount is that it bears the jumps and jolts on potholes ways. This also helps the phone stay normal in position.

A magnetic phone holder offers versatility for wireless charging accessibility. Somehow, you will need to place a metal plate behind for continuous charging. Be cautious to set the metallic plate untouched from the charging coil otherwise your phone wouldn’t charge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before you need to buy a car phone holder, we advise you to read some of the important frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the phone mount for a vehicle.

This will where help you grab knowledge about the car phone mounts, there it will also make logical to purchase the best popsocket car mounts for your phone.

What is the best car phone mount with popsocket?

The answer is quite simple, you need to review the description of the best car phone mount with popsocket in the list on the research-based reviews. After a deep insight on material, reliability and durability we have compiled for you the above best car phone mount with popsocket.

Are magnetic car mounts bad for phones?

Ans.: Most car phone mounts use a magnetic plate or chip to keep your phone in position. Although this magnetic plate is engineered carefully, still there are chances for it to disturb the wireless charging operation of your phone.
Nevertheless, phone LED or LCD displays are not prone to magnetic. So overall the phone is not subject to being damaged by magnets. Still, you should consider a well-versed mobile popsocket manufacturing company while buying a magnetic-laden mount.

How do you attach a Popsocket to a car mount?

Installing a popsocket car mount to an air vent is quite easy. Just push the back peak of the popsocket holder into the vent slot, and fit the clip (on the back of your phone) on the popsocket. Turn around for your desired orientation.

How Suction Base mount are installed?

Suction base mount clings to dashboard or windshield. You have to just make a small vacuum space to pull out the mount.

Is there a magnetic Popsocket?

Yes, there is a good range of magnetic popsockets available on Amazon. Using a magnetic popsocket adds more grip to the phone’s clumping position.

Do Popsocket mounts work?

Working on popsocket mount is really simpler and viable. It’s a just push and plug game. Popsocket generally adheres to the air vent as well as stuck on a dashboard in case of a suction base or magnetic plate.

Where should I put my PopSocket on my phone?

Although there is no formal rule to putting the popsocket on your phone. Somehow you can patch the popsocket where the phone weight affects lesser. It might be the center of your middle and index finger while holding your phone in hand. Yet you can change the position later in case of no suitability.

How do I put my non-swappable PopSocket top back on the base?

Popsocket has two parts, one is base and the other one is PopTop. The base is glued or suctioned to the phone back while PopTop is pinned down over it. Just pick the PopTop and put it on the base and rotate clockwise by 90°. Lo, behold! Your popsocket Top back is fixed. If it doesn’t get so, the clippers of the base must have broken.

What is the actual use of popsockets used at the back of mobile phones?

The primary purpose of popsocket at the back of your phone is to grip up with the mount. As the popsocket clings to the air vent mount, so this way the phone stands stable on the mount. Apart from this, away from the mount, the popsocket also helps you to hold your phone more conveniently and safely.

What is a popsocket?

Popsocket is actually a plastic clip holder that is fixed on a mount or air vent holder. It keeps the phone adhered to the stand or mount fixed in the car. Popsocket gets fixed behind the back of your phone or phone cover. It usually has three parts; a decorative disk, a poptop, and a base.

What are the benefits of using PopSocket on a mobile?

Ever since mobile popsockets have got on the market, there are plenty of benefits that are getting counted. But the major benefits of the popsocket are that it gives you a relaxing grip to hold your precious phone safer and easier.

Best Popsocket Car Mounts in 2022- Reviews & Buyers Guide - MountAs (3)


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